Security and privacy courses and degree programs are offered across many departments at Carnegie Mellon and include courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. We offer courses for computer science and engineering students, as well as courses suitable for policy and management students. Both full-time and part-time programs are available, with new programs being added this year.

Undergraduate Minor in Information Security, Privacy, and Policy

The Undergraduate Minor in Information Security, Privacy, and Policy is launching in Fall 2020 and will offer undergraduate students from any major an opportunity to take a deep dive into policy issues related to security and privacy. The program is offered jointly by the Institute for Software Research (ISR) and Engineering and Public Policy (EPP).

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Undergraduate Concentration in Security & Privacy

The Security & Privacy concentration for undergraduate students is designed to expose both Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and Computer Science students to the key facets of and concerns about computer security and privacy that drive practice, research, and legislation. On completing the curriculum, students will be well prepared to continue developing their interests in security or privacy through graduate study; to take jobs in security or privacy that will provide further training in applicable areas; and to be informed participants in public and other processes that shape how organizations and society develop to meet new challenges related to computer security or privacy.

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