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CyLab researchers create tool to prevent vehicle cyberattacks

CyLab’s Sekar Kulandaivel and his colleagues have created a new tool to prevent cyberattacks on vehicles. As more vehicles become outfitted with computers to control various aspects of the car, from the radio to the steering wheel, they have become susceptible to hackers who could potentially take control of the computer. Because automakers are incredibly secretive about their vehicles’ computer networks, Kulandaivel and his colleagues developed a network-mapping tool that identifies the computers in a vehicle’s network, what messages they are sending, and how an attacker could proceed with control.

Sadeh on new app privacy tool
Pittsburgh Business Times

CyLab’s Norman Sadeh was interviewed by Pittsburgh Business Times about a new app privacy tool he developed with researchers from Carnegie Mellon and Fordham University. “We’ve seen over the years that many apps will access information and functionality that they don’t really need, and that people have no idea that this is taking place even though on the surface they have granted these permissions,” Sadeh said. The tool scans through the text of an app’s privacy policies and analyzes the app’s code. After testing on over a million Android apps, Sadeh and his colleagues found an average of three potential privacy com