AI and cyber-technologies are having a transformative impact on people’s lives. This session will focus on the broadly ethical challenges, opportunities, and impacts of the uses of these technologies, including consideration of many societal issues.

Sample Instructor(s)

David Danks, Michael Skirpan


1, 3, or 6 hours


This course can be highly customized to explore both the ethical issues that arise for the particular audience, and also best practices to address those concerns. In particular, the course can be tailored for either technology-centric or policy-centric groups (or a mix), as well as groups working in a wide variety of sectors/domains.

In-Person or Remote

Remote, in-person, or hybrid (no pre-recorded lectures)

Intended Audience

This course is appropriate for professionals working in either technology or policy.


  • Understanding of the proper role & scope of ethical considerations in design, development, and deployment of AI and cybersecurity solutions
  • Methods to identify potential ethical challenges in AI and cybersecurity
  • Conceptual frameworks to clarify & analyze those ethical challenges

Course topics

  • “Ethical AI” and/or “ethical cybersecurity” as process, not product
  • Ethics across the product/solution pipeline
  • Useful stakeholder and community engagement
  • Building trust with key stakeholders


A basic understanding of standard AI or cybersecurity use cases is preferred, but not required. (Note that technological knowledge is largely optional)


Copies of presentations and relevant papers will be provided to participants.

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