Robert Schiela is a Technical Manager, leading the Secure Coding group, in the Cyber Security Foundations directorate of CERT and the SEI. In this role, he helps the Secure Coding team define and execute research and transition knowledge that improves the state of the art and practice in secure software development.

Schiela has been working in the field of information technology, software development, and software development education for more than 20 years. He has been a member of CERT and the Cyber Security Foundations directorate for more than five years, helping to lead research teams and projects. Prior to joining CERT, Schiela was the Technical Advisor to the Director of the SEI. Before that position, Schiela held positions in the Transition Strategy and Partner Network groups at the SEI. The majority of his work at the SEI has been related to software process improvement, software quality, and security.

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