Yuvraj Agarwal is an associate professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, and the director of SynergyLabs. His lab focuses on research at the intersection of hardware and software systems, and in the recent past his group has focused on energy efficiency, security and privacy as a central research theme. In additional to publications at competitive conferences (MobiSys, Ubicomp, SenSys, IPSN, NSDI, USENIX, Oakland, BuildSys, CHI), SynergyLab specifically strives to build and deploy systems that have real world impact and benefit society. His group leads research around smart buildings, systems for the Internet-of-Things (IoT), privacy and security, and have also had significant impact in mobile computing and energy efficient computing. Several of the systems that Yuvraj and his students have built have been deployed at scale on the UCSD and CMU campuses. The systems that he has built for studying privacy on mobile platforms have been used by hundreds of thousands of users and have had significant industrial impact. Yuvraj is a member of the IEEE, ACM and USENIX.

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Yuvraj Agarwal
Yuvraj Agarwal


Ph.D. in Computer Engineering,University of California at San Diego

M.S. in Information and Computer Science, University of California at Irvine

B.E. in Electrical Engineering, Pune University


Media mentions

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

CyLab researchers investigate Apple’s privacy labels

Roughly a year after Apple rolled out its privacy label requirements, CyLab researchers have gained a comprehensive look at the state of iOS privacy labels.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

“Capture” your IoT devices and improve their security

A team of CyLab researchers have created “Capture,” a software architecture to help protect IoT devices from using code from vulnerable software libraries.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

Two CyLab papers presented at the FTC’s PrivacyCon 2021

The FTC selected fewer than 20 papers to be presented at this year’s PrivacyCon, and two of them were written by CyLab researchers.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

CyLab’s IoT security and privacy label effectively conveys risk, study finds

The study, presented at this week’s IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, helps bridge the gap between experts’ knowledge and consumers’ understanding of privacy and security risks.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

Third round of Secure and Private IoT Initiative funded projects announced

Carnegie Mellon CyLab’s Secure and Private IoT Initiative (IoT@CyLab) has announced its third round of funding, which will support 12 Internet of Things (IoT)-related projects for one year.


Agarwal quoted on privacy

CyLab’s Yuvraj Agarwal was quoted in CNET on online privacy for the average user.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

Four years since the Mirai-Dyn attack…is the Internet safer?

Four years after the Mirai-Dyn attack that brought down much of the Internet, a team of CyLab researchers are assessing the Internet’s resilience if a similar attack were to occur today.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

Three CyLab papers presented at the FTC’s PrivacyCon 2020

Three CyLab papers were presented at this year’s PrivacyCon, focusing on privacy and security nutrition labels, making privacy choices easier, and perceptions of advanced video analytics.


CyLab researchers quoted about IoT labels

CyLab Director Lorrie Cranor, CyLab/ISR’s Yuvraj Agarwal, and CyLab’s Pardis Emami-Naeini were quoted in WIRED about the concept of IoT privacy and security “nutrition labels,” which their group has studied extensively.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

IoT labels will help consumers figure out which devices are spying on them

A team of CyLab researchers have developed a prototype security and privacy “nutrition label” that performed well in user tests. To develop the label, the team consulted with a diverse group of 22 security and privacy experts across industry, government, and academia.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

CyLab names 2019 Presidential Fellows

Each year, CyLab awards Presidential Fellowships to high-achieving exemplary graduate students researching topics around security and privacy. This year's Fellows have been announced.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

BUYER UNAWARE: Security and privacy rarely considered before buying IoT devices

In a study presented at the ACM CHI conference in Glasgow earlier this month, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab found that security and privacy risks may not be on the list of considerations when consumers purchase new IoT devices.