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Technical Reports

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CMU-CyLab-17-002:  Experts’ Views on Digital Parenting Strategies
Author(s):  Abigail Marsh, Lorrie Faith Cranor, and Julie S. Downs
Publication Date:  March 1, 2017


CMU-CyLab-16-004:  Tracing Actual Causes
Author(s):  Anupam Datta, Depak Garg, Dilsun Kaynar, and Divya Sharma
Publication Date:  August 8, 2016

CMU-CyLab-16-002:  Interaction-aware Actual Causation: A Building Block for Accountability in Security Protocols
Research Area(s):  Privacy Protection
Cross-Cutting Thrusts:  Formal Methods
Author(s):  Divya Sharma
Publication Date:  September 30, 2015

CMU-CyLab-16-001:  Introducing Reputation Systems to the Economics of Outsourcing Computations to Rational Workers
Research Area(s):  Survivable Distributed Systems
Cross-Cutting Thrusts:  Business Risk Analysis and Economic Implications | Threat Analysis and Modeling
Author(s):  Jassim Aljuraidan, Lujo Bauer, Michael K. Reiter, and Matthias Beckerle
Publication Date:  February 20, 2016