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The 21st Century threat matrix demands a holistic approach - no nation can go it alone, no corporation can go it alone, no individual or family can go it alone. A holistic approach integrates many elements -strategic & tactical, technical & non-technical, professional and public. CyLab offers the building blocks (technology transfers) and the builders (young professionals) needed to implement a holistic approach.


CyLab is unique in its comprehensive approach to cyber security - the program is multi-disciplinary and university-wide, involving six colleges from Carnegie Mellon, 50 plus faculty and over 130 graduate students. CyLab is supported by both public and private funding, predominantly government research funds and the support of our partners.

A partnership with CyLab will deliver benefits to your company in the following areas:

  • Research: Access to CyLab faculty and researchers that excel in key research areas.
  • Recruiting: Direct and preferential access to the best and brightest graduate students at the Information Networking Institute (INI) and CyLab.
  • Reputation: Opportunities to complement and enhance your corporate image by being associated with one of the leading research centers in cyber security, privacy and risk.
  • Return on Investment: Opportunities for significant cost reduction in the areas of research and recruiting that can enhance your corporate return on investment.