How is my stipend paid?

You will be paid the stipend in two checks. You will receive a check around the beginning of each semester.

Can I be reimbursed for any other expenses?

In addition to the stipend, the following allowances are reimbursable each year:

  • Health insurance allowance up to $3,000 for incoming students (must be University health insurance and not be outside coverage or parents).
  • Professional development allowance: $4,000 (SFS job fair and other travel, professional certification, etc.)
  • Book allowance up to $2,000 (no software or hardware).

Please note: if you accept a concurrent job on campus, there may be complications or tax issues. 

When is my stipend paid?

The stipend checks will be available around the beginning of each semester and all students will be notified when and where they are available for pickup.

What do I need to do to get the stipend?

The SFS scholars must be sincerely dedicated to serve in employment of the federal government. You must review the agreement and sign it as confirmation of your commitment.

What does the stipend cover?

The stipend is intended to help defray the fees charged by the University. You may use the money as you wish, but you are responsible for the fees assessed by the University above and beyond tuition. Typically, these are things such as health insurance, Port Authority fee, Technology fee, student activity fees, etc.

What is not covered by SFS explicitly?

The SFS program at Carnegie Mellon does not explicitly cover room and board. The scholarship provides for 100% tuition and an academic stipend that is provided at the beginning of each semester.

How is my tuition paid?

The tuition payment process is a manual process handled by CyLab Administration. Once your academic department verifies the payment, CyLab submits payment through a series of accounting entry requests to Enrollment Services. There is nothing that you need to do to have this paid. In the event you see a late notice on your student bill, you should contact CyLab. CyLab will ensure that any late fees are removed due to timing issues and administrative errors.

For financial assistance, contact:

Tina Yankovich
Assistant Director of Business Operations

Tonya Bordonaro
Director of Business Operations