Allison, Class of 2014

Employer: Department of Justice

"I wanted to go into security work in the government, and the SFS program at Carnegie Mellon really made it possible to get the education required to become a useful member of a team doing work that I enjoy and that will help others. The experience of being an SFS student provided me not only with the education and skills inherent in a Carnegie Mellon education, but also surrounded me with others with similar interests and goals, establishing a network that is both personally and professionally beneficial. Without the SFS program I do not think I would have been able to come here and learn as much as I did and reach my goal of finding a position with work that is rewarding and something I can feel good about doing as a career."

Joseph, Class of 2014

Employer: MITRE Corporation

"The SFS program gave me the opportunity to grow as a professional in ways that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. I sharpened my technical skills, gained valuable first-hand experience, and connected to academics and professionals in a variety of disciplines."

"Three things stand out as the most valuable components to my time at CMU: (1) The quality of the people, faculty, students, and staff, is exceptional. Everyone here is focused and talented while also being collaborative and helpful, creating an ideal environment for personal and professional growth. This extends to our alumni network, which is vast and vibrant. (2) The course content: it is incredible. So many interesting, challenging, and valuable courses are available here that it's impossible to fit them all into your schedule. (3) Cutting-edge research. Specifically in security, there are many groups here working on exciting, novel, and meaningful projects. It's such a huge asset for students; anyone is able to get their feet wet, and those with the requisite curiosity and motivation are given the opportunity to excel and make a difference. The CMU SFS program gave me the skills, experience, and connections to truly excel as a security professional."

Christopher, Class of 2013

Employer: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

"Carnegie Mellon INI's security program is extremely effective in providing world class, hands-on technical knowledge in the field of computer security."

"What makes the CMU SFS program unique is that it opens the door to work on large scale, meaningful projects in the government which have impact on the entire country. The SFS program provided me with invaluable connections inside government organizations which led to multiple opportunities to work on very interesting projects."

Stuart, Class of 2013

Employer: Federal Reserve Bank of New York

"Carnegie Mellon University continues to earn its reputation for excellence in the information security field with cutting-edge, project-based coursework. The SFS students are encouraged to extend this experience through research assistantships at the university's industry-leading on-campus government research centers. This unique opportunity to build professional skills was invaluable."

"As a career changer, I knew I wanted to do information security work in the public sector, but I didn't have a specific job (or agency) in mind. Along with SFS-related research jobs, Carnegie Mellon's Scholarship for Service program helped me identify possible career paths through a series of frequent, informal lunch presentations by representatives from the full spectrum of government agencies involved in information security. These conversations, along with one-on-one sessions with the university's outstanding SFS-aware career services professionals, helped me identify my ideal job, network with SFS alumni, land a summer internship, and ultimately receive a full time job offer."

"Now, as an Information Security Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, I am extremely grateful for the advantages the SFS program afforded me at Carnegie Mellon and in my career."