Lorrie Faith Cranor
Director, CyLab
(412) 268-7534

Dena Haritos Tsamitis
Founding Director of Education, Training, and Outreach, CyLab
Director, Information Networking Institute, (412) 268-3297


CyLab fellows

Adrian Perrig
Distinguished Fellow
Professor, ETH Zurich

Kiron K. Skinner
Distinguished Fellow
Director and Associate Professor, Institute for Politics and Strategy, Carnegie Mellon University

Hideto Tomabechi
Adjunct Fellow
CEO, Cognitive Research Laboratories, Inc.


Corporate and Institutional Partnerships

Michael Lisanti
Director of Partnerships
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(412) 268-1870

Terri Deasy
Assistant Director of Partnerships
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(412) 268-4013 

Jamie Scanlon
Project and Administrative Coordinator
(412) 268-6415


Business operations

Tonya Bordonaro
Business Manager
(412) 268-4351

Tina Yankovich
Manager of Personnel and Student Services
(412) 268-3808

Toni Fox
Research Administrator
(412) 268-3333

Megan Kearns
Special Projects Administrator
(412) 268-7237

Annie Harder
Research Administrator

Brittany Frost
Senior Administrative Coordinator
(412) 268-1212

Chelsea Mendenhall
Administrative Coordinator
(412) 268-1657

Brigette Bernagozzi
Student Life and Office Coordinator
(412) 268-5715


Strategic communications

Daniel Tkacik
Communications Manager
(412) 268-1187

Ivan Liang
IT Web Developer
(412) 268-1416


CyLab Researchers

  • Mike Annichiarico, Reseacher, CyLab
  • Ivan Gotovchits, Research Scientist, CyLab
  • Oleg Kamenkov, Research Programmer, CyLab
  • Anh Luong, Postdoctoral Researcher, CyLab
  • Sarah Pearman, Research Staff, CyLab
  • Nuno Pereira, SRC CONIX Center Executive Director/Research Scientist, CyLab
  • Jeremy Thomas, Software Engineering, CyLab

Not sure who to contact?

For general information about CyLab, please call (412) 268-5715 or email