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Technical Reports: CMU-CyLab-09-007

Title:XTREC: Secure Real–time Instruction-level Control Flow Recording on Commodity Platforms
Authors:Amit Vasudevan, Ning Qu, Adrian Perrig, Virgil Gligor
Publication Date:March 17, 2009


We propose a primitive that can record the execution control flow information of a system with 100% accuracy. Furthermore, our primitive is robust to compromise which provides integrity of the control flow log. We implement the primitive on the AMD Secure Virtual Machine uniprocessor platform running the Windows 2003 Server OS. The only software component that is trusted in the system during runtime is XTREC itself, whose security sensitive portion is less than 1100 lines of code which makes it amenable to formal verification to ensure security and safety. Our experimental results show that our framework latency is minimal for realistic applications and that the approach is viable for enterprise settings.

Full Report: CMU-CyLab-09-007