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Technical Reports: CMU-CyLab-06-016

Title:Lessons Learned from the Deployment of a Smartphone-Based Access-Control System
Authors:Lujo Bauer, Lorrie Cranor, Michael K. Reiter, Kami Vaniea
Publication Date:October 18, 2006


Grey is a smartphone-based system by which a user can exercise her authority to gain access to rooms in our university building, and by which she can delegate that authority to other users. We present findings from a trial of Grey, with emphasis on how common usability principles manifest themselves in a smartphonebased security application. In particular, we demonstrate (i) aspects of the system that gave rise to failures, misunderstandings, misperceptions, and unintended uses; (ii) network effects and new flexibility enabled by Grey; and (iii) the implications of these for user behavior. We argue that the manner in which usability principles emerged in the context of Grey can inform the design of other such applications.

Full Report: CMU-CyLab-06-016