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Technical Reports: CMU-CyLab-06-013

Title:End-to-End Consistency of Multi-Tier Operations Across Mixed Replicated and Unreplicated Components
Authors:Priya Narasimhan and Aaron M. Paulos
Publication Date:July 20, 2006


While distributed applications need replication for the pur- poses of fault-tolerance, realistic and feasible deployments cannot afford to replicate every single component within the system. Potentially, over the lifecycle of such deployments, the consistency and fault-tolerant properties might be com- promised when replicated and unreplicated components in- teract. We describe some of the challenges in providing end- to-end fault-tolerance under the mixed semantics. Our ap- proach facilitates communication between the unreplicated and replicated components of a distributed client-server ap- plication, without compromising the consistency of the repli- cated servers and without restricting any concurrent TCP semantics that unreplicated clients expect. We describe the resulting architectural and implementation enhancements to the MEAD system and provide an empirical evaluation of our new mechanisms.

Full Report: CMU-CyLab-06-013