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Featured Faculty Research Videos

Watch CyLab faculty talk about their research and how it impacts the world:

What is software-defined network security? It could protect us in the battle for internet security, says Assistant Professor Vyas Sekar of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, who explains his software-defined approach to network security.

Lorrie Cranor

Lorrie Cranor: Online Security & Privacy

Virgil Gligor

Virgil Gligor: Security of Commodity Systems & Networks

Franz Franchetti

Franz Franchetti: Turning Mathematics into Software

Anthony Rowe

Anthony Rowe: Networked Embedded Systems - Integration with the Physical Environment

David Brumley

David Brumley: Network Security - Protecting Today's Computers

Marios Savvides

Marios Savvides: Biometrics Identification - An Effortless Future Security System

Lujo Bauer

Lujo Bauer: Helping Users Manage Online Data

Raj Rajkumar

Raj Rajkumar: Driverless Vehicles

Diana Marculescu

Diana Marculescu: Computing for Sustainability

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