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Simplifying Logins with Web Ticket

Researchers: Jason Hong, Eiji Hayashi

Research Area: Privacy Protection | Security of Cyber-Physical Systems


Scope: Passwords are the most common authentication scheme for web services today. However, it is difficult for people to memorize random sequences of characters, as suggested by best practices in computer security. Additionally, passwords, on their own, do not provide security against phishing. To address these challenges, we are developing WebTicket, a low cost, easy-to-use and reliable web account management system that uses “tickets,” which are tokens that display a two-dimensional barcode. These tickets can be printed on paper or stored on a mobile device, and are keyed to work only with specific computers. Users can log into accounts by presenting the barcodes to web cameras connected to computers.

Outcomes: Determine how much contextual information about user activities can be inferred from smart grid sensors. Analyze how classification performance changes with respect to sensor fidelity. Evaluate how these approaches generalize by cross-validating on multiple test-beds.