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Soft Biometrics from Emerging Media

Researchers: Yang Cai, Mel Siegel, Brian Zeleznik, Rich Noland, Alex Nicoll

Research Area: Security of Cyber-Physical Systems


Scope: Emerging media such as microwave imaging, sensor networks, online video, and cell phones provide alternative ways for identifying a person. Soft Biometrics extracts human characteristics that include information such as gender, age, gestures, activities and intent. Those traits usually can be captured from a distance and do not require cooperation from the subject. Soft biometrics technology is not a replacement of the existing biometrics systems but it can complement and improve the performance of common biometric systems, and provide more graceful degeneration of existing identification methods.

Outcomes: The deliverables include 1) demos of gaits recognition and microwave imaging based identification, 2) the application programming interfaces (APIs), 3) ARO-Cylab-CERT Digital Forensics workshop, and 4) journal special issues on Soft Biometrics. The developed technologies will be transferable to ARO, AFRL, NAVY, DHS, NASA, Bell Labs, GE, VRMC.