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Continuous Authentication of Computer User: How to Avoid Computer Tailgating and Ensure Computer Security

Researcher: Marios Savvides

Research Area: Security of Cyber-Physical Systems


Scope: Sponsored by Raytheon, the goal of this project is to develop robust methods to continuously authenticate the person in front of a computer so that if that person leaves the computer will automatically lock down. If someone else not authorized is shown to try to access the workstation, the system will automatically lock down. It will also lock the computer when it ceases to see a person in front of the computer and will continuously and periodically authenticate the user to ensure that the authenticated user is using the computer.

Outcomes: A complete system will be developed which will log-in the system via fingerprint or iris authentication and then periodically perform face authentication using a web camera without utilizing heavy CPU system resources. Computer lockdown will initiate if system is accessed by anyone else or if user leaves his workstation.