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CyLab Chronicles

CyLab Seminars Series Offers Vital Perspectives on Critical Issues in Cyber Security and Privacy

posted by Richard Power

On Mondays at noon, during the school year, CyLab presents its Seminar Series.

These talks highlight the research of CyLab faculty, as well as, visiting scholars. In addition, through the CyLab Business Risks Forum, experts in security and privacy from business and government share vital operational perspectives.

Online access to the Seminar Series is a benefit of CyLab partnership. Our corporate partners have exclusive access to both our live webcasts and our full archive of past seminars via the CyLab Partners Portal.

Each year, a few select seminar videos are released publicly via YouTube and iTunesU to further scientific research, heighten awareness and encourage public discourse on critical issues.

The 2012-2013 Seminar Series started off with CyLab Senior Systems Scientist Nicolas Christin delivering an update on his compelling research into cybercrime, "Traveling the Silk Road: A measurement analysis of a large online anonymous marketplace". The next week, filmmaker Jeremy Zerechak joined three CyLab researchers in a panel on his award-winning hacker documentary, "Code 2600." (The panel, moderated by Lorrie Cranor, one of several leading cyber security and privacy experts featured in the film, was followed that evening with the film’s Pittsburgh debut.)

Other 2012 fall semester offerings ranged from CyLab Director Virgil Gligor on "Foundations of Trust in Networks of Humans and Computers" to CyLab Research Systems Scientist Limin Jia on "Run-Time Enforcement of Information-Flow Properties on Android."

The fall program also featured two visiting scholars, Yih-Chun Hu, Associate Professor, University of Illinois on "Dynamic Jamming Avoidance," and Richard Clayton, security researcher at the University of Cambridge on "Measuring Cybercrime." In addition, two Business Risks Forum events were also held, Marcus Ranum, CTO of Tenable, on "Cyberwar: You're Doing It Wrong!," and Christopher Burgess, CSO of Atigeo on "Collaborative Distributed Inferencing - Intelligent Control of Data and Networks."

Fifteen more seminars are scheduled for the Spring 2013 program.

To whet your appetite for what is to come, here are two fall 2012 semester seminars from leading CyLab researchers: David Brumley on "Safe Software" and Lorrie Cranor on "Spoofing Operating System Security Interfaces to Study User Security Behaviors."

For more samples, visit the CyLab YouTube Channel and CyLab on iTunesU



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