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CyLab Mobility Research Center

CyLab Mobility Research Center logoThe rapid development and social integration of mobile technology and mobile systems has permanently impacted the way people interact with one another, redefining what it means to work, play, learn, and socialize. “Anywhere-Anytime” computing, once a radical new concept, is now a way of life and its implications for living in a 21st century networked world are significant and far-reaching. The CyLab Mobility Research Center was established in 2008 in response to the ever-increasing presence of mobile computing in the personal and professional lives of people everywhere. The Center explores the possibilities for development of future mobile technology and mobility systems through a multi-disciplinary and experimental approach combining research in technology, usability, behavior, business, and policy.

The CyLab Mobility Research Center leverages Carnegie Mellon’s west coast presence in the heart of Silicon Valley, epicenter of the software industry and home to many of the major players in mobile systems and computing technology such as Adobe Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, and many others. Led by Dr. Bob Iannucci, the Center has gathered a consortium of Silicon Valley organizations, business leaders, and researchers to explore the possibilities for shaping the future of mobility and mobile computing through the development of innovative context-aware applications, enhanced mobile networks, creative uses for semantic information, and other mobile services. Through groundbreaking work in these and others areas, the Center hopes to fully realize a vision of a connected mobile future in which people work, play, socialize, and interact within holistic mobile environments.


In support of the CyLab Mobility Research Center’s mission of shaping the course of mobile technology, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley now offers students the opportunity to earn a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) with a focus in Mobility. The Ph.D. in ECE-Mobility focuses on the technical, economic, and social effects of mobile technology. Upon completion of the program, students are well prepared for future careers as leaders in application-driven research and technology development in the areas of mobile computing and mobility. The Mobility Research Center’s location on the Silicon Valley campus also provides an ideal setting for students in the Ph.D. in ECE-Mobility program, allowing them to take full advantage of Carnegie Mellon’s close and unique relationships with partner organizations both in Silicon Valley and globally. Students have the option of completing all of their Ph.D. studies at the Silicon Valley location, or dividing their time between Silicon Valley and the main Carnegie Mellon campus in Pittsburgh.

The CyLab Mobility Research Center is just one of several research centers and laboratories at CyLab devoted to exploring and developing the next generation of secure computing technologies. To learn more, visit the Center website.