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Three CyLab Faculty Receive Google Research Awards

posted by Daniel Tkacik
September 9, 2015

Ten Carnegie Mellon University faculty members have received a prestigious Summer 2015 Google Research Award. Of those ten, three are CyLab faculty members: Lorrie Cranor, Norman Sadeh and Bruno Sinopoli.

The prestigious Google Research Award aims to support those on the leading edge of computer science and related engineering research. This award is a one-year monetary award given as an unrestricted gift designed to support world-class university faculty from around the world. The award of up to $150,000 is often used to fund graduate student support for faculty for one year. This year Google gave 113 awards, 27% of which were given to faculty at universities outside of the United States.

Applicants are asked to categorize their proposals into one of a broad list of categories that represent areas of research interest to Google. This list includes Human-Computer Interaction, Natural Language Processing and Security, among others.

Cranor’s award was given in the Security category. Cranor’s research focuses on usable privacy and security, technology and public policy. She has authored over 150 research papers on online privacy and usable security, playing a key role in building the usable privacy and security research community.

Sadeh received an award under the Privacy category. His work focuses on privacy protection and usability, and he has conducted pioneering research in the fields of web commerce, security and privacy.

Sinopoli was awarded a grant in the Physical Interactions and Immersive Experiences category, in conjunction with Laurie Heller from the Department of Psychology and Pulkit Grover from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Sinopoli focuses on the analysis and design of Cyber-Physical Systems, with applications to Smart Infrastructures and the Internet of Things.

Each funded project receives an individual Google sponsor to help develop the research direction and facilitate collaboration between Google and the research team. Review the full list of Summer 2015 Google Research Award recipients.

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