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CMU International Privacy Day: FTC Commissioner Joins CyLab Researchers in Articulating Challenges and Solutions

posted by Nichole Dwyer
February 3, 2015

Every year, CMU observes International Data Privacy Day with events showcasing the university’s current research. Privacy Day keynote speakers offer some key insights into the world of privacy and the conception of its overall decline. This year, both the keynote and panel of experts shared interesting perspectives that not only dispute the misconception that privacy is dead, but also the efficacy of what is being done to protect everyone’s privacy, especially that of consumers.

Julie Brill, FTC Commissioner, keynoted CMU’s celebration of Data Privacy Day. Ms. Brill spoke in length on how the Federal Trade Commission operates and also how they enforce companies to comply with their regulations. The agency recently released a report on the Internet of Things and this became an underlying theme to the day’s events.

In her exploration of the risks and benefits related to the Internet of Things, Commissioner Brill also articulated some critical challenges and solutions. First, data security can be facilitated by implementing and maintain reasonable security by design, by those developing such software. The second challenge involves collection and inference of sensitive data and can be resolved by companies providing meaningful notice and choice. And last, unfair uses of personal information can be diminished or even eliminated by combining ethical reviews with meaningful choices for consumers.

Following Commissioner Brill’s keynote address, a panel of CMU privacy experts joined her for a lively dialogue. CyLab researchers Alessandro Acquisti, Lorrie Cranor and Norman Sadeh briefly presented their research and then addressed audience questions.

Other events during CMU’s Data Privacy Day included a Privacy Clinic, which offered demos for those wanting to learn more about privacy, such as for mobile devices and apps, and a poster session, which offered glimpses of current privacy research conducted by students and faculty.

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