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Select CyLab Seminars Available via iTunes and YouTube

posted by Richard Power
June 15, 2011

The CyLab Seminar Series is a vibrant forum for highlighting the latest research from CyLab's own researchers, as well as visiting experts from academia, industry and government.

Although access to all CyLab Seminar Series webcasts and the full archive is available only to CyLab's corporate partners via the Partners Only Portal, to promote research and advance progress in the vital fields of cyber security and privacy, CyLab Online makes select seminars and excerpts from other CyLab events available for free to the general public via iTunes and YouTube.

Subscription to CyLab's iTunes podcast library is free.

 Our iTunes offerings include:

CyLab's YouTube channel, cmuCyLab, also offers an extensive collection of video excerpts (and even some full-length videos) from the CyLab Seminar Series, as well as conferences and events hosted at CyLab HQ on the Pittsburgh Campus of Carnegie Mellon University, e.g. Trusted Infrastructure Workshop (TIW) and International Privacy Day.

Two recent full-length uploads highlight the Business Risk Forum component of the CyLab Seminar Series:

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