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CyLab Mobility Research Center’s YINZCAM Gives Sports Fans Unprecedented Access to Key Plays

Two members of Carnegie Mellon University engineering faculty, CyLab’s Priya Narasimhan and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department’s (ECE) Rajeev Gandhi, together with their students, have created a new, unique large-scale mobile wireless video service designed to enhance sports fans' experience at games.

"YinzCam" is designed to help fans select and view live video feeds from unique camera angles throughout a sporting arena, according to Narasimhan, who is co-director of CyLab Mobility Research Center and associate professor of ECE. Gandhi, who is a systems faculty researcher in the ECE and the Information Networking Institute, said YinzCam was a unique opportunity to apply research in the real world in a tangible, high-impact way.

Spurred by a dramatic rise in the demand for mobility services, Carnegie Mellon's YinzCam gives fans the ability to obtain mobile video, real-time action replays, game-time information, statistics and player bios right from their stadium or arena seats. YinzCam also scales to support real-time push and pull video delivery services to all fans in the arena.

"We have been extremely fortunate to work with a cutting-edge organization such as the Pittsburgh Penguins, and with the enthusiastic support and vision of Dave Soltesz, senior vice president of sales. In collaboration with the Penguins, we have launched a pilot at Mellon Arena, where hockey fans are currently using their wi-fi based devices to enjoy YinzCam's features," Narasimhan said.

Read the full Carnegie Mellon University press release from which this CyLab News post is adapted.

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To learn more about YinzCam, visit or the Pittsburgh Penguins' Web site at

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