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Distinguished Seminar:  The Three T’s of a Cyber Security Program

Date:October 10, 2016 
Talk Title:The Three T’s of a Cyber Security Program
Speaker:Jim Routh, CSO, Aetna
Time & Location:12:00pm - 1:00pm
DEC, CIC building, Pittsburgh


This session introduces essential ingredients for any cyber security program called the Three T’s of Cyber Security: Talent, Tools and Techniques. Jim Routh, the CSO for Aetna and board member of both the NH-ISAC and FS-ISAC will share his perspective on which of the three T’s is the most significant. He will share specific processes and methods in place today for Aetna demonstrating the importance of “un-conventional” controls to change the rules for threat adversaries providing specific examples of innovative use of early stage technology solutions. 

Speaker Bio

Jim Routh is the Chief Security Officer and leads the Global Information Security function for Aetna. He is the Chairman of the National Health ISAC and a Board member of the FS-ISAC. He was formerly the Global Head of Application & Mobile Security for JP Morgan Chase. Prior to that he was the CISO for KPMG, DTCC and American Express and has over 30 years of experience in information technology and information security as a practitioner. He was the Information Security Executive of the Year winner for the Northeast in 2009 and the Information Security Executive of the Year in 2014 in North America for Healthcare.