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Distinguished Seminar:  Instinctive Computing - A Biomorphic Approach for Security, Privacy and Intelligence

Date:November 28, 2016 
Talk Title:Instinctive Computing - A Biomorphic Approach for Security, Privacy and Intelligence
Speaker:Yang Cai
Time & Location:12:00pm - 1:00pm
DEC, CIC building, Pittsburgh


Algorithms in nature are simple and elegant yet ultimately sophisticated. All behaviors are connected to the basic instincts we take for granted. The biomorphic approach attempts to connect artificial intelligence to primitive intelligence. It explores the idea that a genuinely intelligent computers will be able to interact naturally with humans. To form the bridge, computers need the ability to recognize, understand, and even have instincts similar to living creatures. In this talk, I will introduce the theoretical models in my new book "Instinctive Computing" and a few real-world applications, including visual analytics of dynamic patterns of malware spreading, SQL and DDOS attacks, IoT data analysis in a smart building, speaker verification on mobile phones, privacy algorithms for the microwave imaging in airports and the privacy-aware smart windows for the autonomous light-rail transit vehicles in downtown Singapore.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Yang Cai is Senior Systems Scientist of CyLab, Director of Visual Intelligence Studio, and Associate Research Professor by courtsey of Biomedical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. His research interests include steganography, machine intelligence, video analytics, interactive visualization of big data, biomorphic algorithms, medical imaging systems, and visual privacy algorithms. He has wrote and edited 6 books including a new monograph "Instinctive Computing" (Springer, 2016) and a textbook "Ambient Diagnostics" (CRC, 2014). He also taught courses "Image, Video and Multimedia" (18-798), "Cognitive Video" (18-799K), and “Clinical Practicum” (42-790) at CMU.