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Distinguished Seminar:  Securing the Future

Date:November 9, 2015 
Talk Title:Securing the Future
Speaker:Darren Shou, Director of Symantec Research Labs Core Research team
Time & Location:12:00pm - 1:00pm
DEC, CIC Building, Pittsburgh


While predicting the future may be a fool’s errand, there are several potential disruptions on the horizon that will impact the very nature of business and the structure of industries. I will discuss several of these shifts and how each presents unique challenges and opportunities for the security domain. The emergence of 3D printing will be used as an example of how the nature of production may be disrupted and how that presents new intellectual property protection challenges and security needs. And as we journey through several disruptive innovations, we will examine whether security will be a standalone function or a feature of new technologies.

Speaker Bio

Darren Shou is Director of the Symantec Research Labs Core Research team in Culver City, California. Mr. Shou has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

At Symantec Darren was previously a Collaborative Advanced Research Department director, where he was responsible for driving open collaboration initiatives to advance research, encourage innovation, and cultivate the next generation of technology leaders. Darren also led the group of internal and external thought leaders who produced Symantec’s Long—Term Technical Outlook. Darren earlier served as manager of program management and product management within Symantec’s enterprise security group and was also responsible for developing the enterprise OEM business.

Prior to joining Symantec Darren was a program manager at Microsoft, where he was responsible for Visual C++ and launching C# .Net.

Darren serves on the industry advisory boards of the National Science Foundation TRUST program and the Georgia Tech Information Security Center.