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Seminar:  Senior Online Safety - An Imperative

Date:February 10, 2014 
Talk Title:Senior Online Safety - An Imperative
Speaker:Christopher Burgess, CEO, Prevendra, Inc.
Time & Location:12:00pm - 1:00pm
CIC Building, Pittsburgh


As the baby-boomers, Gen-x and Gen-y age, the tug on the ecosystem supporting the senior citizen community will become a steady pull. The option for a senior citizen not to be online and accessing their goods and services is fully dissipating, and their only option now is how, not if. As we age, we become reliant on others, we may move from home to facilities, in each movement, the potential for vulnerability increases, as more and more of the individual senior citizen's personal information is entrusted in the hands of others. 

Entire segments of the long term care continuum will be targeted. Long term health care facilities, often perceived as not being particularly technologically savvy are the cream of the crop - as their residents are perceived as having accumulated wealth. Harvesting for identity theft, and exploitation, may sound like a De Niro film. The reality is the senior citizen demographic will be comprised of individuals  who have no means to recover if their nest egg is expropriated by a criminal. 

The imperative comes with a push to make senior online safety a reality, bring long term health care facilities into the fold with defined security awareness program; implementation strategies for senior citizen protected network solutions, solutions with family engagement and moderation. The future is bright, but only if those components required to keep our seniors safe, are available.

Speaker Bio

Christopher Burgess (@burgessct) is the CEO of Prevendra, Inc., an intelligence and security company. Christopher writes professionally on a variety of topics, to include security education, social media & social networks, privacy, identity theft, espionage/spying, insider threat, data breach, healthcare compliance, online safety & security. He is the sole contributor to Senior Online Safety, where his writing focuses on both online and offline safety and security advice for seniors, and the not so senior, among us.