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Alumnus Book Signing:  Core Software Security: Security at the Source

Date:May 9, 2014 
Talk Title:Core Software Security: Security at the Source
Speaker:Anmol Misra
Time & Location:4:00pm - 5:00pm
University Bookstore, Carnegie Mellon University Center


There is much publicity regarding network security, but the real cyber Achilles’ heel is insecure software. Millions of software vulnerabilities create a cyber house of cards, in which we conduct our digital lives. In response, security people build ever more elaborate cyber fortresses to protect this vulnerable software. Despite their efforts, cyber fortifications consistently fail to protect our digital treasures. Why? The security industry has failed to engage fully with the creative, innovative people who write software.

Core Software Security expounds developer­‐centric software security, a holistic process to engage creativity for security. As long as software is developed by humans, it requires the human element to fix it. Developer­‐centric security is not only feasible but also cost effective and operationally relevant. The methodology builds security into software development, which lies at the heart of our cyber infrastructure. Whatever development method is employed, software must be secured at the source.

Speaker Bio

Anmol Misra is an author and a security professional with a wide range of experience in the field of information security. His expertise includes mobile and application security, vulnerability management, application and infrastructure security assessments, and security code reviews. He is a Program Manager in Cisco’s Information Security group. Anmol is co-­‐author of Android Security: Attacks and Defenses, and is a contributing author of Defending the Cloud: Waging War in Cyberspace. He holds a master’s degree in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon’s Information Networking Institute and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering. He is based out of San Francisco, California.