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Seminar:  SenSec: Mobile Application Security through Passive Sensing

Date:March 4, 2013 
Talk Title:SenSec: Mobile Application Security through Passive Sensing
Speaker:Joy Zhang
Time & Location:12:00pm - 1:00pm
CIC Building, Pittsburgh


We introduce a new mobile system framework, SenSec, which uses passive sensory data to ensure the security of applications and data on mobile devices. SenSec constantly collects sensory data from accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers and constructs the gesture model of how a user uses the device. SenSec calculates the sureness that the mobile device is being used by its owner. Based on the sureness score, mobile devices can dynamically request the user to provide active authentication (such as a strong password), or disable certain features of the mobile devices to protect user’s privacy and information security. In this paper, we model such gesture patterns through a continuous n-gram language model using a set of features constructed from these sensors. We built mobile application prototype based on this model and use it to perform both user classification and user authentication experiments. User studies show that SenSec can achieve 75% accuracy in identifying the users and 71.3% accuracy in detecting the non-owners with only 13.1% false alarms.