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Seminar:  Virtual Realpolitik and Cyber Detente

Date:November 18, 2013 
Talk Title:Virtual Realpolitik and Cyber Detente
Speaker:Keith Rhodes, Chief Technology Officer, QinetiQ N.A.
Time & Location:12:00pm - 1:00pm
CIC Building, Pittsburgh


In the good old/bad old days of the Cold War, there were a two ideas that influenced negotiations between the main belligerents (USA, USSR) starting around 1969: Realpolitik and Detente. Oddly enough, both of these were formally introduced as foreign policy during the Nixon administration and were defined by the same man, Dr. Henry Kissinger. Is it possible that Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) was effectively held at bay for the past 65 years by two ideas? And now we find ourselves day-to-day bombarded (forgive the pun) with dire news of the coming Great Cyber War...or depending on the news outlet, the current Great Cyber War. So why is there no extension of realpolitik and detente to the virtual cyber-based Cold War? This talk will look at the framework of MAD, how it might be applied to the coming (or current) Great Cyber War and the active role researchers MUST play if there is to be any chance of both virtual realpolitik and cyber detente.

Speaker Bio

Keith Rhodes has been working in national security and intelligence research for more than 30 years in academia, industry and government. He has been part of strategic treaty negotiations, technical field collection efforts, and operational security response teams. He currently is the CTO for QinetiQ North America.