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Seminar:  SafeSlinger: Easy-to-Use and Secure Public-Key Exchange

Date:February 18, 2013 
Talk Title:SafeSlinger: Easy-to-Use and Secure Public-Key Exchange
Speaker:Yue-Hsun Lin
Time & Location:12:00pm - 1:00pm
CIC Building, Pittsburgh


For many current Internet applications, users experience a crisis of confidence. Is the email or message we received from the claimed individual or was it sent by an impostor? Cryptography alone cannot address this problem. We have many useful protocols such as SSL or PGP for entities that already share authentic key material, but the root of the problem still remains: how do we obtain the authentic public key from the intended resource or individual? To counteract these challenges, we designed SafeSlinger as an easy-to-use solution that offers over mobile phones.

Speaker Bio

Yue-Hsun Lin joined Carnegie Mellon CyLab as a Postdoctoral researcher in 2012. In 2010, he received his PhD degree in Computer Science and Engineering at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. Before he got his degree, he worked as a project manager to help Taiwan Water Resources Agency constructing and certifying their Information Security Management System (ISMS). His current research interests include trust establishment, secure protocol design in the next generation Internet, and efficient cryptographic implementation.