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Seminar:  C-MART: Benchmarking the Cloud

Date:November 26, 2012 
Talk Title:C-MART: Benchmarking the Cloud
Speaker:Hyong Kim
Time & Location:12:00pm - 1:00pm
CIC Building, Pittsburgh


Cloud computing environments provide on-demand resource provisioning, allowing applications to elastically scale.   However, application benchmarks currently being used to test Cloud management systems are not designed for this purpose. This results in resource under-provisioning and Quality-of-Service (QoS) violations when systems tested using these benchmarks are deployed in production environments. We present C-MART, a benchmark designed to emulate a modern web application running in a Cloud computing environment. It is designed using the Cloud computing paradigm of elastic scalability at every application tier and utilizes modern web based technologies such as HTML5, AJAX, jQuery, and SQLite. C-MART consists of a web application, client emulator, deployment server, and scaling API. The deployment server automatically deploys and configures the test environment in orders of magnitude less time than current benchmarks. The scaling API allows users to define and provision their own customized datacenter. The client emulator generates the web workload for the application by emulating complex and varied client behaviors, including decisions based on page content and prior history. We show that C-MART can detect problems in management systems that previous benchmarks fail to identify, such as an increase from 4.4% to 50% error in predicting server CPU utilization and resource under-provisioning in 22% of QoS measurements.

Speaker Bio

Hyong KimSince 1990, Dr. Kim has been at Carnegie Mellon University where he is currently the Drew D. Perkins Chaired Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His primary research areas are advanced switching architectures, fault-tolerant, reliable, and secure network architectures, and network security systems. His pioneering work on switch architectures has influenced many switching system designs in the telecom industry. The Tera ATM switch architecture he developed at CMU has been licensed for commercialization.

Kim worked for Northern Telecom in 1992 as a research consultant addressing issues in high-speed network architectures. In 1995, Dr. Kim founded Scalable Networks, a Gigabit-Ethernet switching startup. Scalable Networks was later acquired by FORE Systems in 1996. He was at FORE Systems working on the company’s technology roadmap until 1998. In 2000, Dr. Kim founded AcceLight Networks, an optical switching startup, and was CEO of AcceLight Networks until 2002.

Kim is an author of over 70 published papers and holds over 10 patents in networking technologies. He was an editor for IEEE/ACM transactions on Networking from 1995-2000 and received the NSF Young Investigator Award in 1995. As a professor at Carnegie Mellon, he has developed two new graduate courses in networking and an undergraduate course in telecommunications, creating a networking thrust within the ECE department and a networking course for all INI students.