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CyLab Research Guide and Highlights

The CyLab Research Guide and Highlights offers both a long look forward and a meaningful look back. It provides both a directory of many current CyLab research projects and a timeline of featuring some accomplishments and activities from the plast year.


Insider Threat Analysis Center - This page highlights research by the Insider Threat Team at CERT/CC, including the Common Sense Guide to Insider Threats and Spotlight On, a new quarterly article that focuses on a specific area of concern and presents analysis based on the hundreds of actual insider threat cases cataloged in the CERT insider threat database.

Free Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE) - access to 200+ hours of training (US Government personnel only)

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Software Engineering Institute

Governance of Enterprise Security

CyLab Governance of Enterprise Security Survey - The survey measures the degree of governance afforded by boards and senior management to the security of their organizations’ information, software systems, and networks.

Security & Alerts

US-CERT : Home and corporate users

US-CERT : Government users

reCAPTCHA example

reCAPTCHA - CAPTCHA programs generate tests that humans pass and computers fail. The reCAPTCHA project is a free Internet-based service that prevents automated abuse of online services while helping to digitize books. The code for reCATPCHAs is available for use any website. As of June 2008, over 45,000 web sites have signed up for this service, resulting in 1.1 billion words digitized from books by over 750 million (unique) people.


Privacy Bird - Privacy Bird lets you see what's really going on at Web sites. The bird icon alerts you about Web site privacy policies with a visual symbol and optional sounds.

CyLab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory - The CyLab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory (CUPS) brings together researchers working on a diverse set of projects related to understanding and improving the usability of privacy and security software and systems. The privacy and security research community has become increasingly aware that usability problems severely impact the effectiveness of mechanisms designed to provide security and privacy in software systems.

Phish Guru - an "embedded training" system that teaches users how to protect themselves from phishing after they fall for fake phishing email.

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - this non-profit organization provides helpful information on avoiding and responding to privacy threats. It also maintains a database of security breaches, starting from 2005. The numbers of breached records, over 340 million in December 2009, is growing daily.


Anti-Phishing Phil Anti-Phishing Phil - Anti-Phishing Phil is an interactive game that teaches users how to identify phishing URLs, where to look for cues in web browsers, and how to use search engines to find legitimate sites.