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Hui Zhang

Adjunct Professor, School of Computer Science



Hui Zhang is an adjunct professor at the School of Computer Science. His research interests lie in Internet, multimedia systems, resource management and quality of service. His work involves designing practical algorithms with sound, theoretical foundations and building prototype systems in real- life environments. For the last several years, his research has been on devising resource and traffic management algorithms for the Internet. His studies include packet scheduling, traffic characterization, admission control, routing, congestion control, reliable multicasting algorithms and real-time protocols. Recently, he has also been working on architecture and algorithms for implementing active value-added distributed services over the Internet, and customizable resource management algorithms for future services-oriented networks.


PhD, 1993, Cognitive Science, University of California, Berkeley.

MS, 1989, Computer Engineering, RPI.

BS, 1988, Computer Science, Beijing University.

Professional Background

Zhang won the National Science Foundation CAREER Award in 1996 and the Alfred Sloan Fellowship in 2000. He was elected a fellow of ACM in 2006. During 2000 - 2003, he was the Chief Technical Officer of Turin Networks.

Research Projects

The Dragnet System for Network Forensic Analysis

Researcher: Hui Zhang


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