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Ryan O'Donnell

Associate Professor, School of Computer Science


Cross Cutting Thrusts

Formal Methods


Ryan O'Donnell is an Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science. His research interests include; Complexity Theory, Approximation Algorithms, Analysis of Boolean Functions, Learning Theory, Property Testing and Probability.


Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.S.c., University of Toronto


Research Projects

Fault-Tolerant Voting

Cross Cutting Thrusts: Formal Methods
Researcher: Ryan O'Donnell


"A new point of NP-hardness for Unique Games ". R. O'Donnell, J. Wright. (pdf) STOC '12

"Gaussian Noise Sensitivity and Fourier Tails". G. Kindler, R. O'Donnell. (pdf) CCC '12

"Linear Programming, Width-1 CSPs, and Robust Satisfaction". G. Kun, R. O'Donnell, S. Tamaki, Y. Yoshida, Y. Zhou. (pdf) ITCS '12

"Hardness of Max-2Lin and Max-3Lin over integers, reals, and large cyclic groups". R. O'Donnell, Y. Wu, Y. Zhou. (pdf) CCC '11

"The Fourier Entropy-Influence Conjecture for certain classes of Boolean Functions". R. O'Donnell, J. Wright, Y. Zhou. (pdf) ICALP '11