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Nancy Mead

Fellow and Principal Researcher, Software Engineering Institute


Nancy Mead

Research Areas

Cross Cutting Thrusts

Software Security


Nancy R. Mead is a Fellow and Principal Researcher at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI).  Mead is an Adjunct Professor of Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.  She is currently involved in the study of security requirements engineering and the development of software assurance curricula.  She also served as director of software engineering education for the SEI from 1991 to 1994. Her research interests are in the areas of software security, software requirements engineering, and software architectures.

Prior to joining the SEI, Mead was a senior technical staff member at IBM Federal Systems, where she spent most of her career in the development and management of large real-time systems.  She also worked in IBM's software engineering technology area and managed IBM Federal Systems' software engineering education department.  She has developed and taught numerous courses on software engineering topics, both at universities and in professional education courses.

Mead authored more than 150 publications and invited presentations. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) and the IEEE Computer Society, and is a Distinguished Educator of the Association of Computing Machinery. She received the 2015 Distinguished Education Award from the IEEE Computer Society Technical Council on Software Engineering. The Nancy Mead Award for Excellence in Software Engineering Education is named for her and has been awarded since 2010, with Mary Shaw as the first recipient.


PhD in mathematics from the Polytechnic Institute of New York

BA and an MS in mathematics from New York University.

Research Projects

Security Quality Requirements Engineering (SQUARE) Project

Cross Cutting Thrusts: Formal Methods | Software Security
Researchers: Nancy Mead, Lorrie Cranor

SQUARE: Requirements Engineering for Improved System Security

Research Area: Trustworthy Computing Platforms and Devices
Cross Cutting Thrusts: Formal Methods
Researcher: Nancy Mead

System Quality Requirements Engineering Process (SQUARE)

Researcher: Nancy Mead


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