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Ramayya Krishnan

Dean and Cooper Professor of Information Systems, Heinz College


Ramayya Krishnan


Ramayya Krishnan is the Dean of Heinz College and William W. and Ruth F. Cooper Professor of Management Science and Information Systems

He is the co-editor for Telecommunications and Electronic Commerce at the INFORMS Journal on Computing, and an Associate Editor for Management Science. He recently co-edited a special issue of Interfaces on e-business and is currently co-editing a special issue of Management Science on OR and E-business. He is the immediate past president of the INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Science) Computing Society. He has also served on the National Science Foundation (NSF) Expert Panel on Database and Expert Systems and on several program committees of information systems conferences. Professor Krishnan, with a group of Master's students, led the development of Artsnet, a world wide web-based information service for the arts. Artsnet is currently offered as a community service by the Master of Arts Management Program at the Heinz School.

Professor Krishnan's research interests lie in problems that arise at the interface of technology, business and policy aspects of internet-enabled systems. His current research projects investigate the emergence of virtual communities in peer-to-peer networks, study intermediation in e-markets and the design of policies that take into account the competing needs of promoting data access and protecting privacy. His research on these topics is supported by the National Science Foundation, the Army Research Office, ARPA, and other private foundations


PhD in Management Science and Information Systems, University of Texas at Austin

M.S. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and a PhD in Information Systems, University of Texas at Austin.

B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India

Professional Background

Professor Krishnan is an International Research Fellow of the International Center for Electronic Commerce in Korea and a Visiting Scientist at the Institute for Information Systems at Humboldt University in Germany. The institute is part of a national research center funded by the German National Science Foundation.


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"Correlated Failures, Diversi?cation and Information Security Risk Management". Pei-yu Chen, Gaurav Kataria and Ramayya Krishnan (2010). MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.

"The Halo Effect in Multi-component Ratings and its Implications for Recommender Systems: The Case of Yahoo! Movies". N. Sahoo, R. Krishnan, G. Duncan, J. Callan (2010), Information Systems Research, forthcoming.