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Hyong Kim

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Hyong Kim

Research Areas

Next Generation Secure and Available Networks, Secure Home Computing, Survivable Distributed Systems

Cross Cutting Thrusts

Usable Privacy and Security


Since 1990, Dr. Kim has been at Carnegie Mellon University where he is currently the Drew D. Perkins Chaired Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His primary research areas are advanced switching architectures, fault-tolerant, reliable, and secure network architectures, and network security systems. His pioneering work on switch architectures has influenced many switching system designs in the telecom industry. The Tera ATM switch architecture he developed at CMU has been licensed for commercialization.

Kim worked for Northern Telecom in 1992 as a research consultant addressing issues in high-speed network architectures. In 1995, Dr. Kim founded Scalable Networks, a Gigabit-Ethernet switching startup. Scalable Networks was later acquired by FORE Systems in 1996. He was at FORE Systems working on the company’s technology roadmap until 1998. In 2000, Dr. Kim founded AcceLight Networks, an optical switching startup, and was CEO of AcceLight Networks until 2002.

Kim is an author of over 70 published papers and holds over 10 patents in networking technologies. He was an editor for IEEE/ACM transactions on Networking from 1995-2000 and received the NSF Young Investigator Award in 1995. As a professor at Carnegie Mellon, he has developed two new graduate courses in networking and an undergraduate course in telecommunications, creating a networking thrust within the ECE department and a networking course for all INI students.


PhD, 1990 Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto
MASc, 1987 Electrical Engineering,University of Toronto
BEng, 1984,Electrical Engineering, McGill University


Research Projects

Expanding Firewall Misconfiguration Detection Based on Dynamic Routing Analysis for Large Network

Research Area: Next Generation Secure and Available Networks
Researcher: Hyong Kim

Path Inference in Data Center Networks

Research Area: Next Generation Secure and Available Networks
Researcher: Hyong Kim

System Integrity Manager for the Everyday Users

Research Area: Secure Home Computing
Cross Cutting Thrusts: Usable Privacy and Security
Researchers: Hyong Kim, James Hoe

Distributed Security Monitoring System for Survivable Networks

Research Area: Survivable Distributed Systems
Researcher: Hyong Kim


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