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Windows Printing Instructions

Add a printer to Windows

Download a copy of the Map Printer tool from 

Double-click printer_install.exe to run the application. (A security warning will appear).

Click the Run button in the Open File – Security warning window. (The Map Printers introduction window will appear).


Click the OK button to open the main Map Printer tool window.

The Map Printers offers the ability to sort printers by a variety of fields. The default view lists printers alphabetically by name. Clicking on other columns changes the sort order to display printers by model, building, room or department.

Check the checkbox of the desired printer (up to 5) and click the OK button. (The User Account Control window may appear depending on how your system is configured).

Enter your administrative account user id and password and click the Yes button.  (The HP Universal Printing installer window will appear).

Please note: The HP Universal Printing installer execution takes what may seem to be an unusually long period of time to run. It is not unusual for installation to take several minutes. This is because the installer is directly interrogating the print device to determine its model and capabilities.

When installation is completed, the Universal Printing Installer will close. If desired, return to the Map Printers window and check another checkbox to install an additional printer.