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CyLab Administration

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Carnegie Mellon University - CyLab
Robert Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center
4720 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

For general information, call (412) 268-5715 or email at .


Douglas Sicker

Douglas Sicker | bio
Interim Director, CyLab
(412) 268-3851

Dena Haritos Tsamitis

Dena Haritos Tsamitis  | bio
Founding Director of Education, Training, and Outreach, CyLab
Director, Information Networking Institute
(412) 268-3297

CyLab Fellows

Adrian Perrig

Adrian Perrig | bio
Distinguished Fellow
Professor, ETH Zurich

Kiron K. Skinner

Kiron K. Skinner | bio
Distinguished Fellow,
Associate Professor

Hideto Tomabechi

Hideto Tomabechi | bio
Adjunct Fellow
CEO, Cognitive Research Laboratories, Inc.

Corporate Relations

Michael Lisanti

Michael Lisanti | bio
Associate Director of Partnership Development
(412) 268-1870

Megan Kearns

Megan Kearns
Partnership Development and Special Projects Administrator
(412) 268-7237

Business Operations

Tina Yankovich

Tina Yankovich
Assistant Director of Business Operations
(412) 268-3808

Tonya Bordonaro

Tonya Bordonaro
Business Manager
(412) 268-4351

Toni Fox

Toni Fox
Research Administrator
(412) 268-3333

Brittany Frost

Brittany Frost
Senior Sponsored Research Assistant
(412) 268-1212

Chelsea Mendenhall

Chelsea Mendenhall
Administrative Coordinator
(412) 268-1657

Brigette Bernagozzi

Brigette Bernagozzi
Student Life and Office Coordinator
(412) 268-5715

Strategic Communications

Daniel Tkacik

Daniel Tkacik
Communications Manager
(412) 268-1187

Ivan Liang

Ivan Liang
Web and Facilities Coordinator
(412) 268-1416