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Hideto Tomabechi, Adjunct Fellow

Hideto Tomabechi is a well-known author in Japan and an Adjunct Fellow at CyLab.

Hideto TomabechiIn 1985, Dr. Tomabechi began working for the Mitsubishi Estate, Co. as a finance officer. He was one of the five-man special task force team which planned and conducted the famous US $2 billion acquisition of the Rockefeller Group Inc. by Mitsubishi Estate in 1989. Rockefeller Group Inc. owned Rockefeller Center buildings in New York and many subsidiary companies including Radio City Music Hall and Cushman and Wakefield. While at Mitsubishi Estate, Dr. Tomabechi received Fulbright scholarship to pursue his graduate research work at Yale University which he joined the Department of Computer Science, Cognitive Science Program, and the Artificial Intelligence Project. He then transferred to Carnegie Mellon University to join Center for Machine Translation at School of Computer Science and Computational Linguistics Laboratory at the Department of Philosophy.

Dr. Tomabechi became an assistant professor of Information Science and Intelligent Systems at Tokushima University in April 1992 and was promoted to associate professor in April 1993, a position which he held until 1995 when he joined Just System Corporation as a VP R&D. Dr. Tomabechi was appointed as a CEO of Cognitive Research Laboratories, Inc. in 1998. Dr. Tomabechi founded Cognitive Research Laboratories in 1988 and had been an advisor and owner for 10 years before he became the CEO, the position he has kept since. In 1995, Japanese Police Agency appointed him as an advisor to investigate the minds of Japanese cult members to study especially the minds of members of Aum Shinrikyo, which spread Sarin poison gas in Tokyo subway in March 1995, to learn how their minds were manipulated by the cult. Since then, he has given talks at numerous anti-terrorist international conferences and advised number of governments for anti-terrorist and anti-cult measures. In 1996, Dr. Tomabechi was appointed as a member of the Information Processing Promotion Special Committee of Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and since then Dr. Tomabechi also headed numerous Japanese government funded projects for information science, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and next-generation computer architecture.

Dr. Tomabechi was appointed to the position of Endowed Chair Professor at Nankai University in Tianjin, China in 2003. In 2005, Dr. Tomabechi was also appointed to the position of Executive Advisor at Kadokawa Haruki Corporation which is a famous movie maker in Japan. He has supervised and appeared in numerous movies and TV programs in Japan and outside Japan including the Discovery Channel. He also heads both Dr. Tomabechi Works and the Better World Foundation Japan in both he teaches applied cognitive science and psychology programs for human development for both children and adults.

In 2008, Dr. Tomabechi was appointed to the position of Adjunct Fellow-CyLab. In this role, Dr. Tomabechi will assist in the implementation of the CyLab/INI Japan Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to increase the number of CyLab corporate partners that are based in Japan. In addition, a key focus area is to significantly increase the number of Japanese students that attend the Kobe, Japan campus for the Information Networking Institute (INI).

Dr. Tomabechi holds a BA in Linguistics from Sophia University (1983), and a Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics from Carnegie Mellon University (1993).

Dr. Tomabechi is also known as a popular writer and speaker in Japan constantly publishing over 10 books every year covering diverse areas from psychology, human development to finance and economics and some books have sold over 200,000 copies in Japan. He also gives large audience lectures on human mind and human development in Japan. He owns number of companies in Japan including a popular magazine publishing company, an advertising agency, a travel agency and a management consulting firm.